Trail Hiking – Day Hiking

Friday – 1 pm to 4pm

Instructor – Tom McCarthy

Cell – (650) 388-8898



Course Content: This class is geared for total physical fitness incorporating an

individualized approach in meeting each student’s needs. The overall goal is that every

student will have a positive experience making hiking an exercise option as part of a

healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits are:

1. Improve your physical fitness level.

2. A way to maintain your ideal physical fitness level.

3. Get acquainted or re-acquainted with hiking areas in the South Bay.

4. Natural socialization process that take place on hikes.

5. A healthy alternative in making this part of your life.

6. A review of stretching, warm-ups and endurance evaluations

7. Pacing and goal setting techniques

8. Trail safety and courtesy rules

Text: Recommended Reading – “Peninsula Trails” by Jean Rusmore and Frances Spangle.

1. Pants versus Shorts – The preference is to wear long pants, especially if you are

sensitive to poison oak or concerned about sun protection,, long-sleeved pants and

shirts are key. Also, don’t forget a hat, and remember that tube of sun block.

2. These day hikes require nothing more than a light hiking shoe or a sturdy

running/cross training shoe. You’ll know if your feet hurt at the end of a hike that

you need more cushion. Don’t skimp on socks! Good socks will act as a buffer

between your feet and shoes.

3. Wear all purpose clothing to peel or add as needed. (wind breaker I t-shirt I

button down shirt). Also, make sure you have a good day pack, water container,

whistle and sun glasses

First Aid Items – you should consider having in back packs:

1. cell phone

2. Advil

3. antibiotic ointment

4. antiseptic towelette

5. scissors (small)

6. tweezers

7. 2″ X 3″ non adherent pad

8. alcohol prep pads

9. disposable gloves

10. paper tape and nylon tape

11. whistle

Attendance: Regular attendance and active participation are necessary to get maximum

benefit from the class. Please call or email if you know in advance of an absence. Hikes

missed must be made up before the end of the quarter.

Class Time: 1 dfto 4pm on Fridays

Class Meetings: Students will meet at trailheads each week. Transportation is the

responsibility of each student to the hiking site. There will be opportunities for

car-pooling sign-ups among students. Hiking trails will be as far north as Sawyer Camp

and south to Picchetti Open Space Preserve.

Grading: Grading will be based on attendance and participation, with an evaluation to be

completed at the end of the quarter.

Hydration: For a safe hike, drink lots of water. Dehydration is caused when you fail to

replenish your fluids. Symptoms include dark urine, mental confusion, headache, nausea,

dizziness, and lack of coordination.

The best way to beat dehydration is to drink lots of fluids, like water or sports drinks, but

not caffeinated beverages (they are diuretic and will cause you to lose more liquid).

Please bring at least 18 oz of water with you each hike.

Other: Please notify the instructor if you take any medications that will affect you during

physical activity or if you have any medical condition(s) that should be noted.

Please notify the instructor of any religious Holiday that will cause a student absence.

The class will also provide you information on parks that allows bikes, dogs on a leash

and accessible trails throughout the South Bay.